Recenzja - TCI Herald Constrictor 6 Way, TCI Emerald Constrictor 6 Way, TCI King Constrictor, TCI Boa Constrictor, TCI Mamba, TCI Mamba - The Audiophile Man

Podsumowanie: "Despite being slightly claustrophobic in nature, the Herald power block is a solid product that has no particular nasty vices. The same can be said of the Emerald which added some insight in terms of detail. Both are offered at a relatively reasonable price for their performance and thus deserves a solid ‘7’ rating.
As for TCI’s mains products, the King Constrictor offered quite a selection of fine detail in a balanced and largely transparent fashion. The Boa Constrictor II maintained the sound quality of the King but did so in a larger than life fashion.
The two interconnects were both winners. The Mamba’s low noise allowed a host of fine details to emerge, giving these interconnects a fine combination of superb sound quality and value for money while the Cobra II SE cables just screamed quality from start to finished, giving the most ‘at ease’ and natural presentation of the entire test.
TCI should be congratulated for an admirable selection of cable and cable-related products that provide an ideal basis for any hi-fi system."

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